With so many factors involved when buying your next car, truck or SUV you'll use on a daily basis around Decatur, Taylorville and Jacksonville, IL, you'll really appreciate our dealership's unique warranty package. With the Green For Life warranty plan provided here at our Springfield, IL Subaru dealership, you'll be sure to drive and shop with more confidence than you might have expected. We provide this free warranty coverage for any new Subaru you buy or lease, and for select used vehicles here near Chatham. Visit today or get in touch for more details.

On top of the factory-issued warranty with any new Subaru, the Green For Life plan extends coverage in certain areas for however long you own your vehicle. You do have to fulfill obligations for routine, factory-mandated maintenance, but staying on top of that is bound to keep your Subaru's usefulness and value at its peak levels for as long as possible. The incomplete list of parts and systems covered by this generous warranty package includes all internally lubricated parts in the engine, the transmission and transfer case, the drive axle and any factory-installed turbocharger or supercharger.

Having this lifetime coverage can really save you a bundle in terms of repairs or needing to replace a Subaru that's bound to last long just by its nature. While this helps you make the most out of any new Subaru you're buying or leasing to buy for long-term ownership, the Green For Life coverage will also be included with select pre-owned models that are less than eight years old or under 80,000 miles. Be sure to get in touch as you set out searching for your next Subaru so we can go over this generous warranty plan in further detail.

Discover the value and confidence of our Green For Life plan here at Green Subaru in Springfield, IL by visiting or contacting us today.

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