If this was Westeros, you'd be sure that, just around this time, a Stark family member would be saying the words, "Winter is coming." With the falling temperatures and falling leaves, it is clear that snow and ice will soon be coming to the Springfield, IL area and that should be prompting folks in the area to start thinking about their tires. We know that many customers are currently driving with tires that are unfit for the conditions that we are about to experience. The tire store at Green Subaru, located at 3861 Wabash Avenue in Springfield, IL, can get you the tires you need to help navigate through the harsh weather safely.

The Importance of Winter Tires

There are many folks in this area who attempt to get through the winter with all-season tires. While there are many benefits to all-season tires, they do not give you all the benefits a winter tire gives you on the snowy and icy roads. Most of the Subaru lineup of vehicles come with Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive, which is a great advantage in inclement weather, but the right kind of tires are the piece that completes the puzzle. Although Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive is a wonderful feature, it becomes less effective on slippery and cold roads without winter tires. The tires are what touches the road, so the all-wheel drive system needs the partnership of the right tire to be at its most effective.

Winter tires are made specifically for the ice, snow, slush, and cold. They are made up of a soft rubber compound that is designed to improve traction in those conditions. Because of this makeup, winter tires are much better at stopping in snow and ice than all-season or summer tires. They can also help decrease skids and slides due to less than ideal road conditions. Most tire experts recommend getting winter tires for your vehicle if you live in an area where the temperatures are at or below freezing for long periods of time. These conditions describe the Springfield, IL area.

Check Out Our Specials

Green Subaru, in Springfield, IL, knows that many customers are on a budget. Therefore, we recommend checking out our specials to see if we have any discounts or coupons on winter tires. View our specials today and start the colder seasons safely with a quality set of winter tires.

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