Why Choose Our Certified Subaru Service Center?


You may be wondering what our service center offers that your Chatham area garage down the road doesn't, but when you compare us to your average repair shop, you will notice that there is a world of difference. With a state-of-the-art facility, skilled factory-trained technicians, and speedy service, once you experience Certified Subaru service center, you will never want to go back to another mechanic.


What's so special about a modern Subaru service center? Unlike other mechanics in the Jacksonville area, our service team has access to specialized tools for accurate diagnoses and precise repairs. With the right advanced machinery and equipment, we not only make sure that any maintenance or repairs are done correctly, but it also allows for faster servicing, letting you get in and out without the usual wait.

What's the advantage of having factory-trained Subaru technicians? Our skilled technicians have been factory-trained, meaning they know Subaru models better than any Taylorville area mechanics. Other garages may be able to fumble around and figure out how to complete a service, but there is always the possibility that it will take them a while to solve the problem and that they may make a mistake.

You will notice that routine maintenance is quicker with our Subaru factory-trained technicians' help, and for more complex servicing and repairs, there is no other way to go about it. Our technicians have been trained to work on all the components that make up every Subaru, and each year they expand their knowledge with annual updates and hands-on training.

If that wasn't reason enough to choose our certified service center, whenever you come from the Decatur area for servicing, we also include a free Multi-Point Inspection to help make sure that your vehicle is in road-ready.


See even more reasons why Subaru service is the way to go and schedule an appointment today to visit us in Springfield!

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