Should I Lease a New Subaru in Springfield, Or Opt for Car Financing?

Here at Green Subaru, these are questions we run into a lot, and understandably so. The differences between taking out a car loan and signing on the dotted line of a Subaru lease can seem nuanced at first, but upon further investigation, they become more apparent – often, just as diverse as our new Subaru selection here in Springfield, too.

Lessees, for example, aren't in the market to own a new car or SUV. Leasing's a short-term agreement. Opt to lease a Subaru here in Springfield, from nearby Decatur, or out in Jacksonville, and you can expect to find one lasting just a few years, after which, should you decide not to keep driving your Subie by renewing your lease, you can return it to our Springfield Subaru dealer location. Each agreement features wear and tear clauses, mileage restriction requirements, and, when yours is up, lease termination and end processes to follow and a few final obligations to fulfill. The benefits of leasing for the budget-minded, then, abound. Among them:

  • The opportunity to step into a new driver's seat when your needs and preferences change and when your lease expires.
  • No need to worry about vehicle ownership.
  • Lower down and monthly payments than on a new auto loan.

Auto financing, however, means buying a new Subaru car or SUV outright. Simply put: you invest in it, you own your vehicle. A loan for a new car carries an interest rate, and you'll find they vary within a highly affordable range. As for acquiring the one that works for you, our network of friendly financial professionals here at Green Subaru is here to help. Plus, car financing has its own merits:

  • Completing all monthly payments means your vehicle's yours to do with what you will.
  • Down and monthly payments on a loan may be a tad higher than on a lease, but you can sometimes extend a loan's terms, and that can mean a longer time to pay as well as lower monthly payments.
  • No mileage requirements apply.
  • You can customize your new Subaru as you like with the host of accessories we make available right here in Springfield.

Choosing how to proceed can seem like a lot to process. Not to worry, though. While the right option depends on one's situation, our team of finance professionals remains on hand to help you decide which is right for you. Take the short drive out to see us from here in town, drop by from Decatur, or pay us a visit from Jacksonville. We'll be happy to discuss details!

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